How Great Thou Art

Of the original production of 1,000 CDs back in 2003, I have left about 300. I wonder really if I have truly managed to give away or sell close to 700 CDs within these 7 years, but I suppose the fact that only three boxes of these CDs remain should not be a cause for wonder.

“How Great Thou Art” was one of those worship pieces I wrote that was sung in the pre-teens and later the elementary service back in Sunday School in my previous church. Although quite a “draggy” piece (as commented by one of my closer students), it is an expression of worship, of declaration of His Mighty Power.

Years have added to my appreciation of how music should be. If I were to do this piece again, I would add in echoes, and possibly not get Joshua Thia to co-sing with me!

Please do support me by purchasing the album, if the music has ministered to you.

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