The Last of the CD

I needed to move back to Singapore in July 2012, ending my 8 years sojourn in China. After 9 years since producing the album, I had about 400+ copies left of my original production run of 1000 copies. With the moving agent advising me not to take them back due to tax and space concerns, I had no choice but to leave them behind.

The CD is no more, but I shall always remember the Music of Our Hearts.

Tabernacle Music

It was not related, but on the same day that I realised someone had done a search on Google for “O I will praise you all day long”, I found the website of Pastor Ng Wah Lok from Tabernacle Music. Pastor Ng has a vision – that Malaysian churches should have their own identity and use their music in worship.

I can identify very much with his feelings – it is next to impossible for us to make a living from our music. I could see what happened to Ho Yeow Sun when she went secular (and western), and the temptation for me to do so is also very strong (very, very strong).

I have sent two CDs to him. I wish I had paid more attention to the production and be more selective about the pieces in the album. I know the timing is God’s, but I should have paid more attention to Him and did a better job!

Migration and Changes to the Ten Talents Brand

With plans to bring the Ten Talents brand name back into my life, I’ve reorganised the album sales site and placed it on its own brand subdomain (Media). PayPal has also begun to accept the SGD, which means I can now make sales using my preferred currency.

My sole album Music of Our Hearts still remains very much upon my heart, with listeners who told me it has blessed them greatly. Sales has been slow, but I’d still put my trust upon the Lord, the Maker of all good things, that He’d continue to remember me.