Music of Our Hearts

Michael Chan began writing songs at the age of 19, two years after he came to the Lord. Influenced by his bilingual background, much of his music has a Chinese pop feel to it. It was only upon his entry into Sunday School, that his music began to be sung by the church, beginning with O I Will Praise You All Day Long. His music was also used by his mission school in their chapel services. It was then that he realised that his music could be appreciated by both children and adults.

In June 2003, in collaboration with a group of youths and an old friend in the school he used to teach in, Michael poured out whatever remains of his life savings to produce the album Music of Our Hearts at Polydox Studios in Singapore. The youths refused to be paid for their service, and neither did his friend – all knew the special significance of this album.

The wordings within the album said it all, “We have not the skillful hands of David, neither have we the heavenly voices of angels. But to You, O Lord, we give The Music of Our Hearts.” The album may not have the best voices and the best musicians around it, but all the hearts for worship, and the love of Michael’s friends, contained within.

The album was launched at the Mooncake Festival celebration of a mission school. The sales of the album was an encouraging 77 copies that evening, and profits donated to the school building fund.

The Music of Our Hearts contains the following songs, mostly composed by Michael:

1. O I Will Praise You All Day Long, a ballad of worship, with a simple yet haunting melody.

2. How Great Thou Art, another ballad of worship, co-sung by Joshua Thia. This song tends to be favoured by adults over the previous.

3. I Trust In God, a fast song declaring God’s power and majesty.

4. In Everything Give Thanks, a simple fast children’s song composed by Gregory Peck, and sung with the cute voice of Ingrid Tham.

5. Jesus Is King, another simple fast children’s song composed and sung by Gregory Peck.

6. Song of Christ’s Children, a cutsey song meant to be sung by children, and Michael’s first foray into children’s music, sung by Joshua Thia.

7. New Song, a fast song declaring our love for God.

8. Revival, a fast song exhorting the people of God to rise up and be strong.

9. The instrumental piece for O I Will Praise Him All Day Long, played by the able hands of Ingrid Tham.

The album is available for purchase at my Wix site!